Our Values

At Kilburn Grange School we put the children at the heart of everything we do in order for them to learn. Enjoy. Succeed. Wonder, Enjoy, Collaborate, Aspire, Reflect, Endeavour.

Our school is a place that inspires and engages children’s minds and hearts. Our school believes in a democracy and the laws of the country, where every individual has a voice that is heard and respected. Let’s stop hate and collaborate!

values-posterIn order for us to encourage the pupils to show good behaviour for learning, we have the following the school values.  These underpin our school vision and all of our learning.

In order to support them to show the appropriate behaviour, we use a recognition, rather than reward system.  We ensure that we always carry out a peace pathway to support pupils to reconcile their differences. We also use the how are you feeling poster to support pupils to discuss and manage their feelings, an important part of the Peace Pathway.





To support the children we have a caring and uncaring hearts poster so that they are able to understand the expectations for themselves and others.

For more information, take a look at our behaviour policy.